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The McFly drummer exclusively told omg! at The Hobbit premiere that he would like to see one of two ladies take home the glitter ball trophy.
He told us: “Denise or Kimberley.”
However, when pushed for one, Harry admitted: “Denise to win.”

Harry was joined by his Mcfly band mates Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter at the premiere with the three admitting they weren’t sure where their other band mate Danny Jones had got to.
Well that’s not very good lads!

Talking about their recent ITV program ‘The McFly Show‘, the three admitted that they enjoyed making it.
Harry said: “It was fun.”

Tom Fletcher, who has previously appeared in ITV2 show The Only Way is Essex, joked that he had given his band mates pointers in how to handle making a TV show.
He explained: “Yeah, I passed on my wisdom, my TOWIE wisdom to the guys, I said, ‘look, when I was on TOWIE I did it like this’.”

The McFly boys also admitted to being fans of The Hobbit with Tom revealing that he had decided to start reading the classic novel before the film came out.
He admitted:”I still haven’t finished the book, I read Lord of the Rings a long time ago and then I never got round to reading The Hobbit so before this film was coming out I thought I must read it.
“But because they’ve split it into three movies…I think I’m past the bit in the book where this movie will end.”
Well you wouldn’t want the film to spoil it for you now would you Tom?



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