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It’s been 10 years since McFly burst on to the music scene by crushing on a girl with five colours in her hair.

While their recent McBusted supergroup announcement will see them team up with Busted to celebrate past glories in 2014, the four-piece also have plans for a new album that will see them look forward to the decade ahead.

Digital Spy caught up with McFly to talk about their new single, as well as plot out a storyline for a potential musical based on their songs. Naturally, the conversation turned to time travel and nudity…

Congratulations on new single ‘Love Is On The Radio’. How have you found the response?
Danny: “Yeah, it’s been really good.”
Tom: “It’s been very positive.”
Dougie: “It’s been tough to get it out there.”
Tom: “The fan reaction has been brilliant, which is the one that counts.”

10 years in, do you still get nervous ahead of new single releases?
Tom: “I don’t know actually. You don’t get nervous, but you have no idea how it’s going to go.”
Dougie: “The best part is the creating it and putting everything together. The horrible part is releasing it into the world. Into the massive opinion pool. You get very protective of it. They’re like kids of ours.”

You can usually judge performance by looking at the iTunes chart. Is that something you keep a check on when releasing a single?
Tom: “It’s hard not to, even if you try. It’s hard not to be aware of it.”

The new album is coming next year…
Tom: “February.”

Is ‘Love Is On The Radio’ a good indication of what we can expect?
Tom: “I think so, yeah. It’s the most extreme route down that sound of where the album goes. It’s very natural and organic sounding. There’s a lot of different kind of songs on the album that are brought together by the production. It’s not a heavy rock album. It’s a pop album, but played by us as a band.”

If you were to compare it to one of your previous albums, which one would it be?
Danny: “I’d say the first one.”
Harry: “I’d say Wonderland. ”
Tom: “Really?”
Harry: “Yeah.”
Danny: “In terms of how it’s played and stuff, then yeah.”
Tom: “Song-wise though, it’s much more happy and positive.”
Danny: “On this album you can hear how fun it was to make it I think.”

Is there a particular track you are excited for fans to hear?
Tom: “The song that is potentially going to be our next single is possibly our best song ever.”
Dougie: “It’s one of the Titans.”
Tom: “I think it’s going to be our strongest album song-wise. It’s going to be really hard to choose what the singles are going to be.”
Harry: “The fan-favourites are never the singles, so there’s going to be some treats on there.”

‘Love Is On The Radio’ has a country music vibe and you sold out a handful of shows in the US last year – is this an indication that America is on the horizon for you guys?
Harry: “Yeah, but we need a way in though. We need to commit to it. It’s a frightening thing because we’re an independent band. It’s a huge financial investment to go to America.”
Tom: “I don’t know any bands that are in our position. Being at our level of success in the public band, but we’re an unsigned band. We don’t have the support of a major label or any big company. It’s all completely down to us, so it’s quite an unusual set up.”

So what have you found the pros and cons being in your situation?
Tom: “The pros are that we get to do whatever we want. Musically it’s amazing. We don’t have any deadlines, we can moves things around, we can decide to go on tour whenever we want and work with who we want to work with. The cons are much more on the business side. But they obviously have a huge impact on the things that matter.”

It must be frustrating when you have fans over the world complaining that you haven’t toured their country yet.
Tom: “Yeah definitely.”
Harry: “It’s really hard because there are so many. I wish we could go, but it’s not as simple as that. If we went to every country in the world, we’d eventually run out of money and be bankrupt and then wouldn’t be able to be a band anymore. So that would be bad!”

One of our favourite parts of the 10th anniversary show was ‘McFly The Musical’. Has anyone approached you yet for a West End show?
Tom: “No, it was just a one-off. I enjoyed though, it was good fun.”

Is it something you’d like to do further down the line?
Tom: “I’d love to. Musical theatre is part of my life and my upbringing. I just don’t have time. I’d love to go into a show and perform, but I just don’t have time to do it.”
Harry: “It’d be good to go into a show for a couple of weeks wouldn’t it?”
Tom: “A couple of months would be good so you could get settled.”

Harry: “If you could be any part in the West End, which one would it be?”
Tom: “What now? In my twenties? Probably Marius [from Les Miserable] because of my timing. I’m probably too old for Marius actually.”
Danny: “Really?”
Tom: “I’m nearly 30.”
Danny: “You look about 14, Tom.”
Tom: “Yeah, but they cast 17/18 year olds.”
Harry: “I guarantee you could play Marius. You could pass for a 19-year-old.”

What kind of West End show storyline do you think McFly’s music would inspire?
Tom: “We’d come up with the best.”
Dougie: “Something completely random.”

Maybe set it in space?
Dougie: “Time travel! Lots of nudity! Wasn’t there a nude play and everyone ran out for tickets?”
Harry: “Equus wasn’t it? Daniel Radcliffe got naked. He was front-on naked.”
Tom: “Did he trim his pubes?”

Unfortunately we never got to see it.
Harry: “They never got a photo did they?”
Dougie: “There is a photo. There’s plenty of photos.”
Harry: “He’s actually quite well hung isn’t he?”
Dougie: “Yeah, yeah. Um, was.”
Harry: “He was?!”
Dougie: “I mean he is.”

Isn’t the plot that he has sex with a horse?
Tom: “I’m going to say yes.”
Dougie: “So yeah, our musical would be a mix of that and time travel. Time travelling nudists.”
Tom: “Who go around f**king horses.”
Dougie: “That’s how they travel through time!”
Tom: “That’s why no-one’s done it yet and if they have you can’t find them!”

McFly’s new single ‘Love Is On The Radio’ is out now, along with a McBusted mix featuring Busted.



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