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In all the chaos caused by the PHENOMENON of McBusted recently, we’d almost forgotten our love for McFly when they’re just being McFly. Luckily, we had a very fit reminder yesterday when the four lads hit Xmas Party Live over in Leeds, sans their new recruits James Bourne and Matt Willis.

Looking as phwwoarsome as ever (if not MORE so), the boys rocked up on the red carpet before heading on stage to perform their latest single Love Is On The Radio, and if they’re not wrapped up under our tree this year, we’ll be well moody.

Two words. Harry’s. ARM.

McFly have had a fair few fashion phases through the ten years that they’ve been reaching our earholes and eyeballs. It all kicked off with Tom in pink polo shirts, Harry in rugby tops, Dougie in skater shorts and Danny with the straightest hair known to man.

Then we hit the Wonderland days and things got a bit dark and emo. And let’s be honest, we ruddy loved the recent ‘matching three piece suits’ dealio. But COME ON, look how fit they look these days. Is this even legal?

Time for a zoom-fest, just because.

Even though we’re pretty sure Dougie’s borrowed that hat from Cher Lloyd, we’d definitely still quite like to lick his face and brush his hair. And Harry, you little love, your chest hair is making us go a bit funny.

Something about Tom in that specs and plaid combo is seriously working for us in a kind of nerdy, Liam Payne-inspired way, and last but not least Danny Jones, you must stop teasing us with those plunging necklines. And is it just us, or is his ginger showing through a bit more than usual? YUMMERS.

Are you still madly in love with McFly after all these years? Who do you reckon was looking the fittest at the Xmas shindig? Let’s talk hot boys in the comments.



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