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Last month we gave you the chance to win a hardback edition of Unsaid Things: Our Story by McFly. To enter all you had to do was tell us the question you would most like to ask the band. We had over 500 questions, so we can only imagine how hard a task it was for the McFly boys to choose which ones to answer! But here they are, the top 10 questions chosen and answered by McFly:

1. If you could be any cartoon character for a day who would you be and why? 
Dougie – Betty Boo, because she’s hot.
Tom – Aladdin, definitely.
Danny – Dennis the Menace, because he’s a naughty little boy
Harry – Bananaman. I like bananas and eat one everyday, so would be a superhero everyday. Plus I like the name Eric.

2. If you could relive one thing in your careers, what would it be? 
Tom – Today! No, probably that first night in the band house when Dougie arrived.

3. If you could run the country for the day, what laws would you change/ what new laws would you come up with? 
All – ban traffic! Anyone found in a traffic jam will be forced to abandon their car.

4. If you could choose any artist to collaborate with, who would it be? 
Dougie – Van Gogh
Harry – Picasso
Tom – Paul McCartney
Danny – Bruce Springsteen

5. If you could live any story, from any book, which would it be and why? 
Dougie – The Neverending Story
Danny – Fifty Shades of Grey
Harry – I would be Frodo, from Lord of the Rings. It’s an epic adventure. There are plenty of challenges but he survives them. He gets to hang with Gandalf too.
Tom – Unsaid Things by McFly

6. A lot of people who have read the book have said that they found it at times quite an emotional read. Were you expecting this kind of response and did you find writing the book itself an emotional experience? 
Tom – The book was easier to write than it is to talk about now that it’s out. Writing it ended up being more like group therapy. It has been weird knowing all this personal stuff about you is out
there because it’s easy to forget that when you’re writing. That said, the reaction to it has been amazing.

7. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 
Tom – YMCA by The Village People
Dougie – Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf *cue singing*
Danny – Pass on that one, probably silence
Tom, Dougie, Danny – Harry would have the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune…
Harry – Actually, I’d have Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen because it’s long and varied.

8. Which has been your favourite song to record? 
All – Love is Easy, our latest single. Danny has a recording studio in his house and we did it there.

9. If you hadn’t already become successful, would you have ever entered talent shows such as The X Factor or The Voice? 
Tom – Yeah, maybe
Danny – Probably

10. While writing the book, did you find out anything about each other that surprised you? 
Tom – Yes. There were stories we didn’t all know. For example, we didn’t necessarily know how we made each other feel during arguments.
Danny – I found out how much Dougie loves me.
Dougie – I learnt nothing.
Harry – Me neither, I knew all their deepest darkest secrets already but it was fun sharing them.

Congratulations to our ten winners Mel, Sarah, Hannah, Ceri, Jess, Laura, Nicole, Deanna, Alice and Jessie! Your copies of Unsaid Things: Our Story will be on their way to you very soon!



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