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Ooo look at the McFly boys, they’re really rocking out, aren’t they? The boys or men as they are now, played in Oxford last night as part of their Keep Calm and Play Louder tour.

It’s nice to seem them playing together, rather than doing separate things like eating testicles in the jungle, salsa dancing and stripping for Twitter pics (you know when Danny got in the buff to say thanks to everyone who voted for Dougie to become king of the jungle).

After the show Danny tweeted: “Oxford your were great! Thanks south for another kick ass show :)”

Tom tweeted something similar, but made sure he said happy birthday to Danny, whose birthday it is today: “Thanks Oxford and Happy Birthday @Dannymcfly.”

The boys are set to produce their next album themselves and they are hoping to get others involved with it, in particular Jessie J. Danny recently revealed: “When we were recording the last album with Dallas Austin, Jessie popped in and cooked us a bit of dinner so it would be cool to get her.”

So McFly fans out there have a lot to be excited about at the moment, not only are they currently touring but they will be releasing an album this year. If you’re not a fan you can still appreciate them looking rather sexy sweating on stage and hopefully at some point they will get naked again.



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