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When I first stepped off the train at hammersmith, which by the way was a chore in itself, I was hit with the dissapointing sight of thousands of fans already queueing for hours to get inside.

I was upset as I knew the venue would be packed and I thought I wouldn’t be able to see. But as I was queueing I noticed all the excited people who were just as anxious as I was to see Mcfly.

A fanbase that is always very welcoming and kind. It didn’t take long to get inside the venue, and when I did I was hit by just how many people were inside. The place was packed and it wasn’t exactly small there was easily s couple thousand people from what I could see not counting the balcany’s.

As expected at any gig, the atmosphere was relaxed and causal before any of the supprot acts came on and the floor was spacious and movable. Once the first support act, ivyrise, started playing people started packing in to gets a good view.

Ivyrise were good, they played songs of there’s that were generally unknown but they still captured the attention of the audience, I was quite happily dancing and listening to them. When they were finnnished the atmosoher, intesified and people were just starting to get excited. More people started piling in and I was starting to get impatiant.

The second support act dive Bella dive were less impressive and the front man I thought was a little over zelous and abnoxious. However the crowd were pleased and ready for Mcfly.

When the band did come on stage they opened with nowhere left to run which was well received by the crowd. I felt this song as a brilliant choise to get the audience up and moving and it did it’s job. Everyone there was up and moving singing along to the entire song.

The energy from the band on stage was fantasatic, they were jumping and running through the entire thing and looked like they were having the time of their lives which really makes a difference to a performance, to see the people you have paid to see actually want to be on that stage for you and wanting to make every single person in that room happy.

All the songs were well rehearsed and cleanly exicuted with no mistakes. The set list consisting of songs like nowhere left to run, brocolli, star girl and some new songs lie red, was brilliantly designed to keep everyone moving and singing the whole night. Filling the instrument changes was Dougie Poynter, just talking a the audience and making the whole gig feel more intimate and special. Calling Tom by the nickname ‘tea bag’ having the crowd in fits of laughter and making everyone feel part of the joke.

Every song they played was superb quality and flowed smoothly. The new martial had a edgy grown up feel and is different from what people think of when they think Mcfly, I feel this is a very good direction for the band to go in for them to grow and mature as artists. When they played five colours the crowd went wild everyone were jumping and screaming until the song finished.

The boys went of stage and you could feel the atmosphere drop as everyone wanted the night to continue. To save the night Danny Jones walked on stage and played an acoustic version of walk in the sun to settle the crowd down then for the finnal song they played shine a light. This was one of my favourite songs and ended the night beautifully.

Everyone we stood up and singing swaying and hugging each other. It was a lovely sight to see so many people connected by one band and one love. The band then finished with a massive thanks to the audience and fans for letting them do this as a job and it really showed the compsssion and gratefulness of the band. The whole night was full of good music and wonderful people. I had an amazing time and would recommend anyone who hasn’t seen Mclfy live before because they are missing out on a night out to remember.

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