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They’re a bit like crap doodles. Remind you of anyone…?

The main thing we have learnt from Tom Fletcher posting pictures of the new McFly tattoos, is that we do not fancy their feet in the slightest. So that’s useful to know.

The other things we’ve learnt, are that their taste in tattoos are about as good as One Direction’s random doodle efforts, but we still most definitely are absolutely 100% in love with them.

The boys headed to Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago to separate themselves from the stresses of daily life, so that they could sit down and write some seriously kick ass songs, both for their own future album, and for other people. *cough*1D*cough*
Tom posted a pic of himself getting his foot all inked up to carry on the McFly tradition of getting a foot tattoo every time they hit LA. He later revealed that his new tattoo was a smiley face with sunglasses on, and that Danny and Dougie had both got matching ones too.

He also tweeted that they’d named them Harry, seeing as he’s too busy training for mega marathons to hit sunny USA.

The faces are now part of the LA tattoo collection, which already includes the Foot tattoos (big, good ef, athelete’s and bare – geddit?) and the YMCA tatts. These boys really are the epitome of cool.

Do you like the new additions to the McFoots?



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