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You can see the video of the boys training HERE


They’ve already conquered the world of music, dabbled in the lycra-clad world of ballroom dancing and been crowned jungle royalty, but that’s all like, so 75 seconds ago. Now McFly have set their sights on the world of sport and kicked things off with a spot of Rugby.

OK, so we might be slightly exaggerating. They’re probably not aiming for the next 6 Nations, but the lads went off on a rugby jolly earlier this week, taking on the mighty Saracens squad.

We may have been somewhat surprised to see the boys on the pitch, but we are never ones to be prejudiced, particularly when it means seeing one of our favourite boybands getting physical in skimpy shorts.

It wasn’t all fun and games though. Engaging in a little ‘light training’ the boys tossed balls with the hefty players and then decided to try out some tackles. Although Harry showed off his agility, nipping out of harms way, Tom wasn’t so lucky.

Colliding with the 16st Jason Wray is what we can only liken to running face first into a brick wall. The 6ft 2 England International sent Tom flying, and he ended up a little bit worse for wear.

Taking to Twitter the next day, Tom said: “One of the rugby guys f£&@*d my shoulder yesterday. Can’t play guitar today! It even hurts when I tweet!”


He may be having difficulty lifting his guitar, but Tom managed to reassure us all that he’s all OK, tweeting: “Physio says: partial disclocation. Got some exercises to do over the next 48hrs although I’d say taking my t-shirt off was enough exercise!”

We’d have to agree, but we’d prefer any t-shirt taking off to happen in our presence please Tom.

If you want to see the boys with their legs out, have a look at the video. (Don’t worry they didn’t film Tom writhing around in pain or anything).

Maybe don’t give up the day job guys, although if you want to wear shorts more often, we’d be very happy with your decision.

What do you think of that? Who’s your favourite member of McFly?



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