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5 Colours In Her Hair and All About You have become modern classics, but the band won’t let it influence their songwriting.

McFly admit they have felt pressured in the past to write the next big chart topping hit after a string of early successes.

Tom Fletcher , Danny Jones , Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd have dominated the top of the charts since 5 Colours In Her Hair stormed to the number one spot in 2004.

Their current Anthology Tour is giving them a chance to perform their five studios albums to date – Room On The 3rd Floor, Wonderland, Motion in the Ocean, Radio:Active and Above The Noise – in full and reflect on their career thus far.

With seven Number One singles – and another 12 that made the Top 10 – they continue to write memorable hooks that have stuck with music-lovers for more than a decade.

However, they admit it can be difficult to avoid writing what comes naturally, rather than trying for the next big hit.

McFly CONFIRM album six as they reveal start date for work on highly anticipated new record

“You get caught up, and you’re like you’ve got to make hits to enable us to keep going,” Harry tells Mirror Celebs.

“Sometimes the hits are all songs we love, but sometimes it can influence you too much in how you write lyrically or produce the songs.”

It’s been amazing for the band – who have just completed a three-night run at Manchester’s Academy 1 – to get a chance to look back on their career with more than 60 songs played over each stop on the tour.

Tom explains: “Doing McBusted for a couple of years, we wanted to do something just the four of us. These kind of shows as well, it wouldn’t have worked in big arenas.”

Harry adds: “We were like, if we’re going to go back in with McFly, let’s go on tour. What can we do that’s different? Give something to the fans, and that can be a stepping stone for what is to come.”

There have been slip-ups during some of the older album tracks – many played for the first time ever this week – but the crowd and the boys all love the intimacy and unpredictability.

Sweaty, packed venues with just four blokes and their instruments on stage is a far cry from their McBusted arena tours alongside Matt Willis and James Bourne , which featured flying DeLorean’s, space ships and a lot of theatrics.

As well as the challenges that come with such a huge spectacle, the group were also faced with fans calling for McFly and their still-unreleased sixth album.

“We got so much s**t,” Tom laughs. “We were genuinely excited about McBusted, but it didn’t mean we didn’t want to do album six.”

“It was difficult because it’s like, we know, but we’re doing McBusted, so shush. It’s like…we know, and I get why you want McFly, I get it, but we’ve got to commit to McBusted right now,” Harry says.

It’s a different era for McFly, whose fanbase are growing up with them – and it’s giving them more freedom with their writing, and more control.

Now, Tom and Harry are both dads – the latter’s gorgeous baby girl Lola waved at her dad during our chat – while Danny has a wife, and it can be difficult being away from them on the road.

“That’s hard,” Tom admits. “My kids aren’t here with me, so last night just felt like every tour for the last 13 years…

“I never really went out or partied, it was always a good time for me to write. So last night, I went back to my room, did a bit of writing.”

After ditching their sixth album, and confirming plans for writing in January, the run of playing their back catalogue in its entirety is giving the quartet a welcome opportunity to reflect and look to the future.

“So how should we do this? Each album you’re trying to create your masterpiece,” Harry ponders. “We don’t really have any excuses now, it has to be a good album.”



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