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Dedicated fans of boy band McFly camped outside the Corn Exchange for two days waiting for the objects of their desire.

Helene Clement, 26, and Julie Soyer, 21, travelled all the way from London to pitch their tents outside the venue in Cambridge on Sunday – but they weren’t the first to arrive.

A tent filled with Spanish women had beaten them to it and were already in prime position on the steps of the concert hall to make sure they would be at the front of the stage when the pop group, named after the character Marty McFly from the 1985 movie Back to the Future, perform tonight (april 10).

But the group, who braved chilly temperatures, were soon joined by around ten eager girls – ready to scream, shout and dance the night away to the sounds of Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd.

Sisters Jade, 18, and Bryony Clark, 16, from Fulbourn, were so keen to see their favourite group they arrived at 9am today with a duvet and food supplies delivered to them by their mum throughout the day.

Julie Soyer, a language assistant from France currently working at a school in Hampshire, told the News: “I have seen them about 25 times.

“We made sure were early because at bigger venues you usually get about 50 people camped before you- but here we were one of the first.

“The staff at the venue have been really friendly and let us camp here – I think they understand our dedication.”



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