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McFly have deemed their band mate Dougie Poynter as the Tulisa of the group due to his smoking habit.

The band were answering questions from NOW magazine readers when one asked who was the best kisser in the group.

Harry answered: “If I had to guess, not Dougie,” to which Danny added: “Not with his fag breath!”
Harry then quipped: “He’s like Tulisa!”
We’re pretty sure Tulisa won’t be happy to hear THAT.
Tom however did stick up for poor Dougie admitting that they were all probably terrible kissers.
What a good friend.

It was announced this weekend that the boys will be joining the ranks of Jedward, Cheryl Cole and Peter Andre by having their own ITV2 documentary.

Talking exclusively to omg! about the show, Tom and Dougie let us in on what to expect from it.

Tom joked: “Well synchronized swimming and Dougie’s going to be riding an ostrich or two.”
“That was my one condition, I wouldn’t do it unless I could ride an actual ostrich onto the show,” Dougie added.
Sounds like our kind of program.

Omg! are currently running a poll on YOU think were the best boy band of 2012, pitting the likes of The Wanted, One Direction and McFly against each other.
When asked if they thought they should win the poll, Tom and Dougie didn’t exactly do a great job of selling themselves.
Tom said: “I’m not sure we should. I wouldn’t even vote for us,” while Dougie quipped: “No don’t vote for us!”
Possibly the worst pitch to win we’ve ever heard.



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