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We would fully snog all of these McPandas.

Although we’re pretty much over all the Harlem Shake videos already (we’re lying to try and be cool, they’re still well funny), any novelty videos that feature a boyband in hilarious costumes are A-okay by us.
Particularly if it involves the shexy McFly lads dressed as pandas. Even better if it’s for a good cause. So this one gets a mahoosive thumbs up from us.

Taking time out from their hardcore hotel song writing sessions, Tom, Danny and Dougie decided to show off their refined and stunning dance moves to DJ Baauer’s annoying/amazing/head shrivelling bassline. And just to add a cherry on top of the sundae of fitness, they donned some awesome panda onesies for the occasion.

We’re digging Danny’s panda crotch thrusting at the beginning, Tom’s absolutely mental chair dancing, and Dougie rolling around like a giant baby on the bed.

McFly’s Harlem Shake is to support WWF’s Earth Hour, which is at 8.30pm on the 23rd of March, and asks y’all to switch off all your lights for one hour, to show you care about protecting this ‘ere planet we all live on. Pretty good idea, innit.

We’ll deffo be sat in the dark. Imagine the FUN you can have. (eg. stealing extra food from the fridge without anyone knowing).
Watch the vid below to check out the McFly boys doin’ their Harlem thaaaang:

Mindblowing, no? Which is your fave Harlem Shake vid? And will you be getting involved with Earth Hour?



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