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As it’s Christmas time, it seemed about time to sit down and have a very serious discussion about all things festive with McFly. From Christmas tree erection techniques to bauble size preference, all we wanted was more of an idea of what the 25th of December is like round their houses.

It’s a shame they ended up bringing down the tone of the conversation by being completely and utterly filthy.

The whole chat was rather illuminating and from among the rudeness and innuendo, we did learn a few valuable lessons about McFly’s guide to Christmas decorations:

1. Tom Fletcher is quite happy to do all of the erecting on his own.

2. Danny Jones and lovely fiance Georgia will be putting it up together this year, because if she does it without him, he gets his knickers in a twist.

3. Dougie Poynter likes his foliage to be big, bushy and retro.

4. Harry Judd’s is big, plastic and he keeps it under the stairs.

Enough said. Check out the video below:

Well ooh and ERR. If that’s what happens when they are getting their trees up, we dread to even begin to think about how involved they get in stuffing the turkey.



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