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It might not have escaped your notice that McFly have been off tantalising the audiences of the US, but with their good pals Niall Horan and Harry Styles in the audience of their LA show over the weekend, the lads decided to drop a sneaky One Direction cover into their set list.

If there’s anything that could beat having an entire packet of Hobnobs to yourself, we’re guessing it might involve an aural massage from the voices of both McFly and One Direction. It doesn’t end there though and the lads were on a bit of a roll, chucking a bit of Rihanna, Gotye and Bon Jovi into the mix too.

We don’t want to get all Glee on your arses, but who doesn’t love a mash up? Especially when it involves the beautiful faces of Dougie, Tom, Harry and Danny.

Check it out..

Well, we’re probably just going to have to repeat that until we can sing it to ourselves in the shower.

But what do you think?



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