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Apparently Lady Gaga appeared naked on stage during a show at G-A-Y this weekend and now everyone is talking about it, but Digital Spy made a list of other celebrities who ended naked during a performance and of course McFly are in the list.

As shocking as Gaga’s disrobing may have been, the ‘Venus’ singer is of course not the first celebrity to bare flesh during a performance – not by a long shot. Here are some more examples of stars going full frontal – or pretty close to it – on stage.


Olly and Gaga aren’t the only acts to have left their clothes in the G-A-Y dressing rooms, oh no. McFly have got various body parts out during repeat visits to the London venue over the years, and in 2007 even went and set fire to their pubic hair in the middle of a set, for some reason.

“It looked like they had been on the beers,” an audience member told a newspaper at the time. Well, naturally. Reflecting on the McFly boys’ willingness to strip off at his club, Jeremy told DS: “I don’t know why they even bother coming on stage dressed.”



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