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You know what makes us feel too old to function? Birthdays. As much as we love getting to eat cake at 8 in the morning and getting a rather lovely variety of One Direction merch in the form of anything from calendars to pencil cases, birthdays still make us feel a little down.

But McFly have managed to turn something that *should* make us want to retreat into our duvets to have a little cry over our lost youth into some way more fun, because they’ve celebrated their big 1-0 with a special live video from their amazing Memory Lane tour. YAY.

Yep, our favourite foursome have treated us all to a fun live version of their song That Girl and not only do we feel like we were there, but the boys are in bloody suits. Talk about a win-win.

Gah, it feels like only yesterday since 5 Colours in Her Hair – and now we’ve blinked and half the band have gone and got married like proper mature adults. May we add that the lovely Giovanna and Izzy have only *one* colour in their hair, so let’s just forget about that awkward highlight phase we all went through, yeah?

Check out the video below and just try to resist the urge to do a little dance in your seat.



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