Tom made an auction for a band called Busted. He was accepted to be in the band. After several throughts the record decided that the band would sound better if they were three instead of four. Tom wasn’t left out, instead he joined the writing team. With them, Tom learnt how to build a good song thanks to James Bourne, former Busted member. One Day, the record asked Tom if he could film an audition. Meanwhile, Danny was queueing to do that exact one. He was there by mistake, he didn’t mean to go to one for a dancing/singing band. That’s when Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones met for firts time. They both get along really really well so they started to write together and form a new band. They used to stay at international hotel, that’s the reason why they wrote Room On The Third Floor since they were staying on a room from the third floor. After having form the band a bit more, they decided to publish an advertisement to find two more members. Dougie and Harry met at that audition and got along pretty well. Not only that, but they pass it and joined the band. Since then, and after naming the band after Tom’s favourite movie, back to the future, McFLY have been making music and making others happy. From the very beginning they have been together to win several awards and growing as a band. So with this, and thanks to all the McFLY Army they have been touring around europe and some places of the world as well.


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