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The McFly boys don’t hold back when Now’s Dan Wootton asks them your cheekiest questions.

Harry Judd, 26, Danny Jones, 26, Tom Fletcher, 27, and Dougie Poynter, 24, aren’t at all coy.

@NikkiABoleyn wants to know: If you could sleep with another celebrity, who would you choose?

H: Natalie Portman.

T: Definitely. But not at the same time as Harry.

Dougie: Me too.

H: We’re all in love with her.

T: If Natalie ever comes along, my marriage is over.

H: Izzy [Johnston, his fiancĂ©e] and Giovanna [Falcone, Tom’s wife] have both accepted that. It’s the way she talks. I’d spontaneously combust if I met her.

Danny: I’m not part of it. Any Victoria’s Secret model is my ideal woman. They’re amazing. I like Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba too.

T: It’s different for Harry and me. We actually love Natalie.

H: We don’t fantasise about sleeping with her – we fantasise about being with her!

McFly’s album Memory Lane: The Best Of McFly and single Love Is Easy are out now

Read Dan Wootton’s full interview with McFly in Now magazine dated 3 December 2012 – out now!



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