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The guys played their first American live gigs recently…

Pop band McFly may have been in the showbiz industry for a whopping 10 years now, but it seems like it’s definitely a case of onwards and upwards for the popular band, as it’s now been revealed that they’re on the verge of bagging their first US record deal.

The guys, who are set to release their Greatest Hits album Memory Lane, recently played their first live American gigs in front of the A&R men, totally unaware of their power and history.

Band member Tom Fletcher told the Daily Star: “They were the first American live shows we’d done in nine years, and all four sold out straight away.”

He continued, “But we don’t have a record deal there.”

“We wanted to get people down to watch us so they can see how McFly are in their mid-20s. We got a lot of interest from labels. They are waiting to hear the new stuff.”

“It’s weird because we don’t know how we might fit in over there now. Are we more Maroon 5 or One Direction these days?”

But, it seems like over the years, McFly have definitely made their mark. So what is it about this band that stands out compared to so many others that seem to just come and go?

Entertainmentwise recently spoke to the guys, Harry Judd tells us, “We offer more as a band for our fans. They all came to see us over the years and just keep coming back”

Adding, “The songs are written from the heart so the fans can have a real connection with us which is really important”

Tom then added, “The longetivity I think is the thing that most bands struggle with, there’s always bands that come through that are the ‘band of the moment'”

“We’ve had our time of doing that, when we first came out we were in that position but that’s never going to last forever and it’s how to progress beyond that and it’s amazing that our fans have kept us here and kept us strong, enabling us to still have success 10 years on”

And when asked what advice they would give young heart-throbs One Direction on their current superstardom, Harry simply said: “Just read the book and don’t do anything that we did, learn from our mistakes.”

You got that, 1D boys?Check out the video of the interview HERE



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