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Strictly Come Dancing and I’m a Celebrity … have given the boy band a boost. Can they translate it into record sales?

The lure of boyband stardom is plain for all to see: untold riches, an adoring fanbase of screaming teenage girls and the chance to go on national television and chew the genitals of an antipodean mammal. OK, so maybe the last one only applies to McFly, who seem to have boosted their somewhat flagging profile of late with members winning both I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here (Dougie Poynter) and Strictly Come Dancing (hot-footed Harry Judd) in the space of a few weeks.

Perhaps “flagging” is a bit harsh – last year’s Above the Noise album, their fifth, scraped into the top 20, but it’s a far cry from the chart-topping success of their first two, Room on the Third Floor and Wonderland. Back then McFly (named after Michael J Fox’s character in Back to the Future) followed in Busted’s path as a kind of cross between an indie band (they had guitars) and a boy band (they were too cute to be an indie band).

Boy bands don’t last for ever, of course, so it made sense for McFly to find another way to keep the public interested. Singer/ guitarist Danny Jones has previously featured on Popstar to Opera Star (voted off on week four, apparently) and it’s rumoured that the other singer/guitarist, Tom Fletcher, will complete the set with his own reality show appearance, possibly on Celebrity Big Brother. For now, Fletcher is making do with delivering vital Twitter reportage such as this during the I’m a Celebrity final: “I don’t care if [Dougie] wins, he’s eaten an anus and a penis. I’ve got what I came here for!”

The boys seem to genuinely get along – the non-“stars” appeared in the Strictly crowd to cheer on Harry, and promised Twitter followers naked pics if they voted their bandmate to victory. Such camaraderie is one reason the public seem to be falling for the McFly charm, not to mention the reason why I found myself accidentally Googling “celebrity anus” during office hours. But back to the music – what is the future for McFly after all this televisual success? Will reality show stardom translate into revitalised chart placings? Here at the Guardian we’re not too fussed. We’ve seen one of McFly eat an ostrich anus – we’ve got what we came for.



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