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Here’s another review of the McFly show at the Hammersmith Apollo in London last saturday. As it can contain some spoilers click the read more button to read it.

The act: McFly

The venue: HMV Apollo, Hammersmith.

Why? : 2011 was a success for McFly, even if they didn’t release any new music. With Dougie crowned King of the Jungle on I’m a Celebrity and Harry shimmying his way to victory on the Strictly dancefloor, these two achievements helped get them back in the public eye. And what better way to cash in on this raised profile than to announce a new tour around the time of these competitions – KERCHING.

The music: This was basically a Greatest Hits tour except in name with a splattering of older and newer material. Although I find it difficult to name individual McFly song titles, once the likes of ’Obviously’ and ‘All About You’ were being performed I was chanting away perfectly. A medley of surprising covers ranging from ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ by Whitney Houston and ‘Year 3000′ by former arch-rivals Busted added a welcome sense of variety. They also unveiled new tracks ‘Red’, a spectacular rock anthem and the emotional ‘Touch the Rain’ which held teenage girls in a mascara-streaming reverie.

The banter: McFly give Jedward a run for their money in the “hyperactive childish banter” stakes. For instance it was decided that Tom Fletcher’s new nickname was “Teabag” for the simple excuse that he could announce “You’ve just been teabagged” to the audience after a song. Quite often the band would take about 5 minutes break between songs just through fannying about on stage and chatting to each other. They manage to get away with behaviour which would horrify the fans of other artists simply because it never looks like they’re having anything other than unadulterated fun.

The crowd: SO many teenage girls. Attempting to do some maths – if McFly have been going for nearly 9 years many of these fans were first listening to their music as they learnt to read. That or there’s some serious Benjamin Button shit going on.

Any surprises? The sheer power and effectiveness of ‘Red’. It’s quite something. Here’s hoping it turns out to be a new single as it would catch everyone off-guard.

The question you all want to ask: Did they get naked?

The answer: Considering that “nudity” seems to be part of the McFly remit these days, it was surprising that they managed to keep their clothes on. Harry did flex his MASSIVE GUNS quite a bit which had everyone squealing.



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