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If Red is anything to go by, McFly’s sixth album is going to be an absolute beast, Danny Jones clutching a microphone suspended from the ceiling and swinging it around like a bona fide rock star, the whole stage lit bright scarlet, Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter playing the filthiest guitar and bass hooks this audience have likely ever heard.

If its dirty, boisterous rumble transfers properly to record, the common perception of sweet little pop band McFly is about to be completely shattered.

Touch The Rain will please old fans in a less raucous way. It seems they’ve learned from the over-experimental pop mess of their fifth album, Above The Noise, and gained a good sense of how and when to use electronics to complement their sound, progressing to a better, stronger version of their former selves.

The set list boasts a good selection from the band’s back catalogue, some hits and some lesser-known tracks, wrapped up with an encore of the pretty acoustic song Walk In The Sun and party anthem Shine A Light.

A covers medley featuring Busted, Whitney Houston, One Direction and Gotye, demonstrates shades, textures and power in Jones’s voice that had never before been so apparent.

Five Colours In Her Hair may seem on paper like a childish, playful debut single that the band should despise by now, but the song, like the band, has grown and – as they do – packs a pretty mean punch in its current, most excellent form.




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