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When I went to see McFly at the Hammersmith Apollo on the 7th of April, it was the third time that I’ve seen them live. I know what you’re thinking, at nineteen years old it’s time I stopped being a diehard fan. The fact is, I still only know one song, ‘Girl with Five Colours in her Hair’. My sister’s a fan and won some free tickets at the last minute and when it’s free you can’t really go wrong. Can you?

McFly were supported by two bands, Ivyrise and Dive Bella Dive. Ivyrise, a four piece rock band from London, played decent music but aside from a well executed cover of Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain’, their short set was ratherforgettable. Dive Bella Dive put on a much better performance. Although I was less fond of their dance punk style of music, they were simply more enjoyable to watch. Lead singer, Barnaby Courtney, was almost too extravagant at times, swinging his microphone around his neck, but this at least this made the band memorable and much more entertaining.

After an unbelievably long wait the YMCA played, which the fans I was with informed me announces the imminent appearance of McFly on the stage. But the build up didn’t stop there, the YMCA was followed by an air raid siren, this was probably a little overboard. The sound was, however, nothing compared to the sound of thousands of teenage girls screaming as McFly shaped silhouettes ran onto stage.

Mocking the genuine fans aside, I really enjoyed this gig. McFly really do know how to put together a good gig, pushing on two hours they never got boring. They played music from all six (six!!) albums including mixes of the old favourites, a cover of Don’t Stop Me Now, a mash up of current chart music and an acoustic number where Danny, Dougie and Tom shared a microphone – cute! The well organised music was interspersed with onstage banter that didn’t feel too scripted. Although, there might have been a joke or two that was moderately inappropriate given the average audience demographic.

The tour DVD was being recorded at this concert, which suggests that everything was a little more dramatic than usual. The amount of lighting on stage was pushing on ridiculous but I found the tickertape cannons during the encore particularly enjoyable. Heading home on the tube involved a game of spot the McFly fan, identifiable by the unknown rectangle of silver in their hair.

McFly are the kind of band you don’t like to admit you’ve seen live, at least not in recent history, but in all honesty, my experience of seeing them three times leads me to conclude that they’re reliably fun to see. Even if all you can do is pretend to sing along to words that you’re pretty sure don’t make sense, all it takes is an open mind, a pinch of immaturity and maybe a plastic cup of cider to enjoy the successful version of Busted.

Tempted? There are still tickets going for McFly at the York Barbican on Tuesday April 17th.



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