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We’re surprised that ITV studios is still standing and hasn’t collapsed in on itself, because we definitely would have done if we’d had to play host McFly and JLS all at once.

McFly made an appearance in their new matchy-matchy style, all wearing identical white shirts and red ties and looking unbelievably amazing. We’re not too sure on the purpose of their visit to the TV studios, but Danny tweeted that they were ‘off for a meeting’. Oooooh intriguing!

The boys then headed to BBC Radio 1 to hear the exclusive first play of their new single Love Is Easy.
We’re thinking we should try and recreate this double whammy visit at the Sugarscape office. Although we would probs not be able to handle the levels of HNNGGGGGG-ness and just die.

Are you more inclined to the McFly guys or the JLS lads?



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