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THE supergroup will kick off their mammoth UK campaign with gigs at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro next April.

BUSTED admit they are still having to get used to playing live with McFly as McBusted, after being off the scene for almost nine years.

The McFly lads – Harry, Danny, Doug and Tom – and Busted’s Matt and James (minus Charlie, who was reportedly paid a six-figure sum after selling his share of the group) are due to kick off their massive UK tour in Scotland next year at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow on April 17 and 18.

After Busted made a cameo appearance at McFly’s 10th anniversary shows at the Royal Albert Hall in September, the two boybands decided to answer fan demand and finally join forces.

Now the supergroup will embark on a 35-date tour to mark their joint venture and will play various cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Manchester and London’s O2 Arena after the Scots one.

The jaunt has proved to be so popular that the band have been forced to add several extra dates and have even announced another gig at the British Summertime Hyde Park concert series in July.

But Busted’s Matt Willis admits that he’s still trying to get back into the swing of things after spending the majority of the last few years TV presenting and acting away from the music scene.

The 2006 I’m a Celebrity winner, who plays bass and sings, said: “It’s about nine years since we last played and I was terrible then.

“I feel I don’t really need to sing because I’m quite happy just to play. I need to focus on my instrument, man.”

Fellow Busted bandmember James Bourne also claims he has had to go through a psychological change to get back into the mood of the band.

His pop punk trio split up in 2005 after two No2 albums and four UK No1 singles, including You Said No and Crashed The Wedding.

James said: “We have to remember we are going back to Neverland and have to remember how to fly. I’ve got to think of happy thoughts and then the songs just come to me.”

For McFly, having a couple of extra members on board is proving fun, although drummer Harry Judd admitted: “McFly are going to make them work hard, really hard.

“McFly have been on the road for 10 years now, so we are veterans.”

Main songwriter Tom Fletcher joked: “These boys have got to catch up. They are slowing us down, especially Matt.”

All joking aside, the lads are thrilled to be able to play as one and are already enjoying the camaraderie that comes from being all boys together in a band.

Harry said: “There is testosterone and it’s lads, lads, lads. We go to the gym, have a drink but, to be honest, our work is going to consist of us playing shows and that’s fun with a testosterone base.”

Matt added: “We are all relatively sensible these days and like to exercise and write songs and go to the cinema.”

The boys, who are all now aged between 26 and 30, are all attached bar one – James is the singleton – and now they have to fit in wife and girlfriend time into their diaries. Tom and his wife Giovanna, who he sang to in his massive viral hit wedding video, are even expecting a McBaby.

James laughed: “I don’t recognise anyone any more because the first time round some had girlfriends and some didn’t and now they all just disappear into the corner and you can hear them saying, ‘hey baby, kisses, I love you, bye’.

Matt agreed: “My phone call to my wife has to happen after this – she keeps getting annoyed with me because I keep forgetting to call and it gets late and she gets tired.”

Although Tom has always been the main songwriter in McFly, it is Harry who is proving to be the bossiest when it comes to keeping the new band in line. Harry explained: “Tom is like the David Cameron of the group – straight down the line – but I’m the bossiest.

“I’m the least songwritery and so I have to try and be less bossy in the songwriting experience, which is hard for me.”

The lads have so far had a dry run of four gigs in preparation for their series of tour dates but they’ve not yet put their heads together to try out any songwriting.

It is something, however, that they’d love to do and are planning in the coming weeks. Harry said: “We’ve not yet been writing songs but I have a feeling that when we start a certain few people will say, ‘Listen, I have ideas and have been thinking’.” James, who was the main writer in Busted, co-wrote the early McFly songs and has since written for Melanie C, the Backstreet Boys, The Saturdays and Pixie Lott, added: “Imagine what it’ll be like when all of us sit down next week to write a song.

“It’s going to be an absolute bloodbath. It’s going to be carnage.”

Together, the guys have written hits like Obviously, All About You, What I Go to School For, Year 3000 and Crashed The Wedding and fans are in for a treat when they visit Scotland next year.

James said: “The shows are off the hook and it is going to be amazing. We’re playing with the Backstreet Boys at London’s Hyde Park and that’s going to be incredible. They really have inspired us.”

The Scots gigs will be off the scale and the lads have already had a bonding experience in Glasgow when they recently appeared at Clyde 1 Live. Just before the gig, they played a game of tattoo roulette, or bullying, as James describes it.

The game ended up with Tom having to get a tattoo of the word McBusted on his
left foot.

He said: “I lost the game of tattoo roulette so ended up getting it on my left foot. It’s become the foot of shame because there are so many other dodgy tattoos there. I was going to get the Chinese symbol for music but thought that was a bit naff.

“I have a feeling there might be more on the way because we are going to have to play the game for each member of the band now.”

The lads popped into a Glasgow tattoo parlour, Forevermore Tattoos, to get the job done and admitted they got a few odd looks from the other punters as they walked in.

James said: “I didn’t feel that welcome at the beginning but I felt welcome towards the end.

“Tattoo parlours are quite indie, cool places and I think they were a bit disappointed that McBusted walked in rather than some cool rock band.”

James managed to avoid an inking and admitted his family are happy about that.

He said: “It was peer pressure and it was a fair chance that any of us could have ended up tattooed.

“I don’t have any but nearly got a panther on my shoulder. Playing the game once was enough for me because I swore to my grandma I’d never get a tattoo.”



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