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If you find this amusing/slightly arousing, wait ’til you see the shot of them attempting to set this up. It does indeed look like James Bourne is giving birth to Matt Willis’s head.

But before we bring you that visual slightly further down the post (feel free to start scrolling downwards), let’s not forget they were attending an awards ceremony, and therefore there’s a winners list that needs rehashing[…]

OK, kack-riddled snorefest complete, let’s get back to McBusted‘s before shot – TAHDAAAH!

What other hybrid band would chin each other in the scrotums with their newly crowned heads just for a giggles? Look, Tom‘s head’s disappeared, glasses discarded and everything. Now that’s commitment. The only thing slightly upsetting about this photo is that Tom wasn’t strong enough to hold Harry aloft, ’cause he’s always the preferred bared torso of choice. Sorry Dougie, you know I love you, but muggins here needs to be less hairy than her fella.



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