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So unless you happen to have been living in a dark cave for a few weeks, or your wi-fi single just isn’t very good, you’ll know that McFly and Busted have teamed up to create the ULTIMATE quiffy haired, strong jawlined, high jumping supergroup. They’ve completely taken over the UK, and we hear that Tom Fletcher is now running for Prime Minister as leader of the McBusted party, but that just ain’t enough for these boys.

Word on the grapevine (that Dougie stole from the jungle, probably) is that the boys maaay just be planning to take their hugely successful 2014 tour across the rest of the world. REJOICE.

Spilling the potential beans to Digital Spy, the lads hinted that they have been thinking about packing up their guitars and passports totake their tour across the pond.

“”We hope so, yeah. We’ve been getting lots and lots [of requests]”, Tom revealed, before Danny added: “The reaction we’ve had here has been unbelievable, so we’d love to take it to other places. There’s a lot of tweets that are going crazy.”

Tom also admitted that he quite fancies getting Matt and James to ride an alpaca, and eat some Brazil nuts, and other typically South American activities… (Soz): “We want to take Matt and James to South America. We’ve toured there as McFly.”

James himself agreed: “I would like that. I’d like to travel to places again. I’ve always wanted to go to South America, but I’ve always been too scared to go on my own.”

Well Jimmy B, you now happen to have five rather lovely lads to head over there with, so there’s no time like the present boy-o. And seeing as you’ve got over 30 UK dates planned on your tour next year, we’d say it’s only fair. BRING US BACK A SOMBRERO.

What do you think of the grand plan to take McBusted GLOBAL then? Fancy having McBusted come and perform near you somewhere? Let us know in the comments box. But before all that nonsense, let’s watch McFly prove just how much they know about the Busted boys, shall we?



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