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There are many reasons why we are seriously big fans of the whole McBusted thing here at Sugarscape. The possibility of a Party Girl/Year 3000 mash-up has become a reality, we get to dribble over Harry Judd on a daily basis all over again, AND their incredible posing skills brighten up our dreary Monday.

Yup, yet again proving they’re definitely the unrivalled Red Carpet Kings, McBusted headed across to the Clyde 1 Live gig in Glasgow yesterday, and pulled out an old classic formation for us to marvel over.

OOH and AHH. That’s us marvelling.

Rather than actually working on anything as unimportant as like, music or rehearsals, the lads have clearly been PUMPING IRON and practicing their best all-fours power stances, as things have actually improved in their human pyramid set up.

Danny and Harry are rocking the thing ONE HANDED as though it just ain’t no thang, Matt’s guns are practically busting out of his lovely festive jumper, and Jimmy B’s taking the weight of a fully-grown Poynter with EASE. How very manly.

The same can’t quite be said for Tom though, who looks a bit like he’s either about to collapse at any second under the weight of Dougie’s hat, or someone’s just told him that joke about Santa’s sack.

Dougie looks concerned for his sturdiness, and we don’t really blame him. COME ON FLETCHER, work those guns.

Are you loving the classic McBusted human pyramid? What do you reckon they should try next? Some kind of interpretive dance formation? Let’s have a chat about them in the comments, eh?



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