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IT’S a day pop fans never thought they would see.

Love them or loathe them, the unveiling of supergroup McBusted has taken the music world by storm.

Since first announcing their joint tour last year, the two Busted and four McFly boys have been forced to extend their run to a 35-date arena tour – including headlining the British Summer Time Festival at Hyde Park on July 6.

In January the boys added another huge show to the tour at Ipswich Chantry Park on Sunday June 29.

In an exclusive interview with Mercury reporter Laura Burnip, they said they could not believe the frenzy which has met McBusted.

“We really never expected it to be like this,” said former Busted bassist Matt Willis.

“When we announced those first shows I genuinely thought we were being really cocky with it.

“They sold out in 10 minutes.

“It just seems kind of ridiculous and too good to be true.

“We keep having this amazing news.”

And former Busted guitarist James Bourne said: “I’m excited for the tour as a whole.

“It’s so good to have all the shows to look forward to.

“We only know the future for us up to July 6 when the last show is.

“I think Hyde Park will be a bit of a special one because it’s a very prestigious place to play.”

Since Busted split up in 2005 after third member Charlie Simpson left to pursue other projects, Matt said the band had received many offers to reunite.

“We did see him [Charlie] a while ago for the first time since we split up,” said the 30-year-old.

“This was before we knew any of this was going to happen.

“There were a lot of opportunities and offers to do things but none of them felt right.

“It all felt a little bit sad, a little bit forced.

“All the different things we were being offered, none of it was exciting.

“It all felt a little bit like work.

“The thing that was different with McFly is that everyone got excited about the supergroup.

“With Charlie, there was never any sign of him wanting to do it.

“He’s welcome to but he’s not ready to do it yet.”

Nearly 10 years since splitting up, James – now 30 – said the atmosphere on tour would be a bit different.

“We’re in better shape now than we were when we were younger,” he said.

“We’re healthier. There’s a lot less alcohol and other naughty things.”

The bands have been linked since they first started, with McFly’s Tom Fletcher having auditioned for Busted but losing out to Charlie.

At the height of their fame in 2004, Busted were supported on tour by McFly, who were launched into the spotlight, going on to win a Brit award for Best British Pop Act the next year.

But the boys were quick to dispel suggestions of any rivalry between the two groups.

“It’s funny – I think people kind of have thought that [there was a rivalry], which we didn’t know,” said Matt.

“We were quite close friends. They toured with us, they supported us on tour.

“We love each other.”

McFly drummer Harry Judd said: “McFly were on tour and James was with us in Manchester.

“We asked him to come and play some Busted songs.

“There was a special atmosphere in the crowd.

“Afterwards we got talking about how we could make this happen.”

James said: “If you have a girl who’s a friend who you kind of sometimes have sex with, that’s what McBusted is. It’s music sex.

“I was with McFly in LA the year before in a karaoke bar, they were like ‘go and sing as yourself’.

“I did Year 3000 and a waiter came up and said ‘That’s a good song by the Jonas Brothers’.

“When I went and played the songs in Manchester, everyone was singing along so loudly.

“That was the whole kickstart of this thing.”

And the group said they would be playing both bands’ hits – with fans in for a treat.

“We’re going to play all the good songs, some of the shit ones,” said James.

“We are going to do what everyone’s coming to see – all the big album tracks, all the big singles.

“Busted only had seven or eight singles so that will be pretty quick.”




*35 date arena tour

*Three sold out O2 shows

*14 combined number one records

*20 combined top three singles

*28 combined to 10 singles

*15 million combined record sales

*Three combined Brit Awards

*Busted sold out Wembley Arena a record-breaking eleven times in one year

*Busted sold 500,000 concert tickets in the UK in 2004

*Busted had two albums go four time platinum in the UK

*McFly entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngster band ever to hit number one with their debut album

*Two Kings of the Jungle

*One winner of Strictly Come Dancing


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