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Last night Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Women Awards took place in London, with all sorts of celebby types graced the pink carpet to celebrate various awesome ladies and their achievements.

We were also there – almost getting crushed by a massive hairy cameraman who got seriously excited at the sight of Little Mix – to have a chat with the many famous faces, and decided that the event called for a very serious question.

We asked them about gender swapping. Obviously.

More specifically, we decided to find out what the guys would do were they to wake up as a woman one day, and vice versa.

It’s safe to say that the answers were…. interesting – with Tom Fletcher’s McBusted bandmates claiming he doesn’t think childbirth is actually that painful (wonder what Giovanna will make of THAT) and Little Mix talking about pubes for at least five minutes.

Watch the video now to see all this and more…



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