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Remember when McBusted first announced they were a ‘thing’ and then turned up to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in the shape of a human pyramid? Yeah, that was sort of incredible.

But clearly these lads aren’t happy with being a one trick pony or anything less than bloody *amazing*, because they’ve rocked up to Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Women of the Year Awards in poses that blow human pyramids out of the water. And we are impressed.

Yep, the lot have obviously been working on some new red carpet ideas for the cameras and while some boybands supergroups are happy just to stand and stare broodily into a lens until it explodes into a million pieces *cough* Zayn Malik *cough*, these guys are not.

SERIOUSLY. The most we expect from our typical boybandy types is JLS’ Aston doing a backflip or two during a concert, but this amount of dedication is simply outstanding. PLUS, we get to see some torso action, which is always a bit of a bonus.

But in case you’re wondering just how this was physically possible, there’s also a handy ‘before’ photo which should come in handy if you fancy recreating this with your mates later on…

Really aren’t afraid of getting their faces in each other’s crotches, are they? We commend that.

Well, there isn’t a lot more we can say about this really apart from CONGRATULATIONS LADS, you’ve raised the bar for posing celebrities everywhere. Things can only go up from here.

We’ve definitely found our new screensaver, but what do you think of McBusted’s latest red carpet assault? Impressed? Slightly alarmed? Bit of both? Comments please…



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