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A room on the 3rd floor just ain’t enough these days

McBusted reckon they’ve become ‘more diva-ish’ since joining One Direction on their On the Road Again tour over in Australia, with Harry Judd admitting they’ve been more demanding on their own Most Excellent Adventure tour.

Yup – we all know the McBusted boyos joined 1D to support ’em Down Under last month, and now everyone’s favourite six-piece supergroup have gone all properly Mariah Carey on us and claimed they’re making dressing room demands and all sorts. Bloody hell fire.

Chatting to The Mirror, Tom Fletcher said: “We’ve been more diva-ish on this tour. It’s the first time in 12 years we’ve asked for our dressing room to be a certain way. We saw 1D’s and thought ‘We want that.'” Harry Judd added: “It’s worth it. Our dressing room is epic this tour. There’s dark drapes up the wall, a couple of plants and a coffee machine.”

Dougie Poynter chipped in, saying: “We didn’t realise you could ask for that stuff.

“It kills the vibe when you are in a big dressing room and it’s just white, with bright lights, whereas if you have the music on, candles and lowlights it sets the mood.”

Oh you faaaaancy, huh? Still – beats a poxy room on the third floor, eh?

What d’ya make of that, then?



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