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The music blog Love Music Love Live did a good review of Love is Easy.

McFly have been recording music for almost ten years and it’s safe to say that they never disappoint – a fact only supported by the release of their newest single ‘Love is Easy’.

With such a dedicated fan base that the band have accumulated over the years, there are a lot of people to please, but the talent of the four boys makes it nothing but easy.

Their newest single ‘Love is Easy’ is from their newest (and second) greatest hits album ‘Memory Lane: The Best of McFly’ and is one of the original songs on the album, otherwise made up of the band’s previously most popular songs.

‘Love is Easy’ is undoubtedly a McFly song, starting off with just the sound of Tom Fletcher’s voice accompanied by his ukulele playing which easily shows off both his vocal and instrumental talent. However, although the song starts off with an acoustic vibe, the rest of the band come in later to give the song more depth, Tom and Danny Jones’ vocals working together as well as they ever have.

The lyrics are what you’d expect from the title – a true McFly rendition of the ease of Love. The song even contains a cheesy quote from the 1946 movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ thrown in the mix.

It’s a truly a feel-good song and exactly what we’d expect from the four boys. You can expect to be humming it to yourself for a while!

McFly’s single ‘Love is Easy’ is available now and the album ‘Memory Lane: The Best of McFly’ is set for release on November 26.



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