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It was eight years ago this month that McFly burst onto the music scene with their number one single ’5 colours in her hair’ and following this initial success the band have had two number one albums, seven number one singles and countless sell out tours.

2011 saw Dougie crowned king of the jungle in ‘I’m a celebrity’ and Harry dance his way to victory on Strictly, so it only seemed right that in 2012 the boys went back to where they belong, the stage.

‘Keep Clam and Play Louder’ has seen McFly travel around the country’s theatres to entertain their legions of dedicated fans as well as new ones that they have accumulated along the way.

Many people have the misconception of McFly gigs, of hoards of teenage girls jumping and screaming to rubbish pop rock, however I can confidently say this is not the case. Admittedly, there obviously is a few of the younger generation knocking about but the majority, like myself, have grown up with the band.

So there I am, April 7th 2012, Hammersmith Apllo, waiting in anticipation to see whether McFly can blow me away for the fourteenth time with their live show. It started, and instantly I was overwhelmed, the confidence that these boys posses is unstoppable and they are completely at home on stage.
It was a pleasant surprise when they performed a fair share of old songs. Classics like ‘I Wanna Hold You,’ ‘Star Girl,’ ‘Broccoli’ and ‘Sorry’s Not Good Enough’ were particularity memorable because I hadn’t heard them live for what seems like forever.

This tour was also an opportunity to test out some brand new tracks. Dougie took the lead on ‘Do Watcha’ which is guaranteed to be a popular choice amongst the fans and ‘Red’ showed Danny Jones in all his rock star glory. With some mind blowing riffs and power vocals McFly managed to once again prove that they aren’t your average pop band, but a talented group who know how to please a crowd.

Tom Fletcher showed his skills on the piano for the Queen cover ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ which I believe may have been a cheeky addition for some of the parents hiding in the crowd and the Dad next to me seemed to enjoy it!

Mr Harry Judd got the crowd chanting his name as he thanked everyone for their support during Strictly Come Dancing, though not to be beaten Dougie then scurried off stage only to return with his jungle crown, which he then claimed to be something he had “Lying around.”

There was a refreshing and unique moment when Dougie, Tom and Danny all crowded around one microphone to sing ‘No Worries.’ Followed by a sentimental and some what emotional moment when Danny appeared alone with his acoustic guitar singing ‘Walking In The Sun.’ McFly seem to forever be proving their amazing musical ability.

‘Shine A light’ was the closing track and the band took the time to share their genuine and sincere gratitude to their fans. With album number six on the way they seem to still be so grateful for the longevity of their career, and this was very clear throughout the entire show.

The music industry now has groups like One Direction, JLS and The Wanted challenging McFly for their pop crown, but I believe they will continue to be the reigning champions. They are real musicians with real talent dedicated to making great music for as long as their fans will let them.

As Tom Fletcher once said : “It’s not always easy, but McFly’s here forever.”



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