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Sugarscape did a little competition between McFly and JLS to choose which band is the most romantic and obviously McFly won!


To be honest, this is the best feature we’ve ever run on Sugarscape. Ever. Seeing as we’re in the month of love ‘and all that’, surely the natural thing to do is quiz JLS and McFly on how romantic and lovely they are, and make them compete against each other in an intense LOVE BATTLE.

Let’s stop fannying about and just get stuck in, shall we.

SO. McFly pretty much swept the board with that one didn’t they? No, that’s not fair, JLS had a lot of very strong answers – and when we were quizzing them we genuinely thought they were going to win, but then McFly swooped in with a poem, or a new language, or some other amazing nugget of creativity that swung it for them.



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