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Yesterday McBusted did a lot of press to promote their three new outdoor gigs this summer and among those interviews Mark Meets interviewed James about the tour and future McFly/Busted projects.

Busted star James Bourne chats with MarkMeets in a new exclusive interview about McBusted’s upcoming tour and plans for the future.

What can fans expect from the upcoming tour?
“A lot of the planning for the tour hasn’t begun yet in terms of the show!” (Laughs).

What about the music?
“We have a lot of songs to choose from so we don’t know what the set-list is going to be plus the six of us have to agree”!!

Will it be fun working it out?
“Yeah, it’s gonna be fun doing the set-list. This is what I hope will happen…we’ll have a set-list for the main set though part of other sets will change nightly”.

Having written quite a few of the tracks for McFly, are you more proud to perform their songs or Busted’s?
“I love playing the songs I wrote, it doesn’t matter to me who wrote them, I’m proud of all of them. I’m also hoping to perform to McFly songs too that I didn’t write! Whatever the set-list is our aim is to play what people wanna hear, we’ll play the hits”.

Are you playing any other songs from your back catalogue?
Hopefully part of the set we’ll play some albums tracks as well.

Being a big Michael Jackson fan can we expect any covers on the tour?
I would cover a Michael Jackson song. I do an acoustic version of ‘Human Nature’. It’s not really a solo thing so it probably won’t be on the tour. Tom and I have written so many songs together over the years, maybe Tom and I will do a song together on stage cos we’ve never done that!

Talk us though how the McBusted thing came about?
I was backstage with McFly in Manchester and they were joking around saying ‘Why don’t you go and play something’. So I went out on stage and played some songs! The reaction was crazy…not like I was playing at someone else’s show but as If It was my own show. The reaction to the Busted music was so strong that people made us offers!!!
The idea for us to play together came later, it spiralled from there.

Who is more excited for the tour, Busted or McFly?
It’s been a long time since Matt and I have done anything like this. It’s new and exciting but in a way it’s new for McFly too…they’ve been a band for 10 years but to be back at this level is quite incredible.

Will you enjoy it more this time around?

I enjoyed it so much the first time and I know I will enjoy it this time equally though from a different perspective.
It feels just like how it did 10 years ago. In some ways it feels like we are even more successful than last time (Demand for tickets) which is mind blowing really. It’s like we’re doing residencies in each city-it’s CRAZY!

Matt is starring in TV’s ‘Birds Of A Feather’, what is happening after the tour? Will you be making any music or will you be acting?
I’ve just got offered a part in a film that starts shooting in March before the tour. I can’t announce it yet but that is an exclusive! I’ve also written a new musical. You will remember my last musical got nominated for a Novello awards (We discuss Loserville in depth).

Will the musical be a sequel?
It’ll be completely different this time round. This time I’m collaborating with the guy from ‘Spring Awakening’ – a broadway show. Having heard of Loverville he got in touch with me and we’ve written the music together. That is a big project that I’m looking forward too.

How it Matt?
He’s great. I’m looking forward to writing new songs with Matt again and also more for McFly.

Maybe one day if McFly become McFly again, Maybe Busted is Busted. Who knows?

This June McBusted with support from Backstreet Boys, Scouting For Girls, 5ive and Diversity perform at Weston-super-Mare Beach Saturday 28th June and Ipswich Chantry Park Sunday 29th June.

Tickets on sale 10am Friday 31th January from www.aeglive.co.uk



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