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You can see all the lovely pics they posted HERE

To celebrate the musician’s 26th year of birth, we’ve put together lots of pretty pictures for you to have a good stare at – you’re welcome

Happy birthday Dougie Poynter! 26 years ago the floppy-haired musician came into the world and it’s been a much more delightful place ever since.

To celebrate the McFly/McBusted star’s monumental day, we’ve gathered together lots of lovely snaps for you to ogle over.

We’re not the only ones mildly excited about Dougie’s birthday – tons of caps-crazy tweets have flooded in from adoring fans for the floppy-haired musician too.


Captain Dougwash – we love.

“@dougiemcfly I love u, you’re amazing, so pretty, so cute, so funny, so strong, & I’m gonna stop now cos I’m making myself look like a k**b.”

No. No, you’re not.

“Happy b-day, I’m here since 9 years ago and I will be here supporting McFly and yourself till the world ends.”

Meanwhile McFly’s Tom Fletcher has revealed he and his wife Giovanna are taking bets on the sex of their baby from his fellow bandmates and close friends and family.

“We don’t know the sex of the baby,” Tom says. “We’re taking bets from all our friends on whether it’s a boy or girl, what date and all that malarky.”

“We have a long list of names. It’s ever expanding,” Tom adds.

And in more good news, the boys also recently revealed they’re never EVER ever going to break up.

Harry told OK Magazine: “I would be absolutely fuming if one of (the band) left. I would go round (to their) house and say: ‘What the hell are you doing?!’ ”

We’d be there with you, Harry!



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