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This is so cute! I would love to have a boyfriend who likes McFly and that McFly songs are played in our wedding.

THEY’VE got the McFly albums, they’ve been to their gig and now they want to get married with their music.
Gloucester’s young love Ben Gaytten, 28, and Emma Brown, 29, are both big fans of the boy band.

So when Ben popped the question to accountant Emma, it was only fitting that McFly would feature in their wedding plans.
“They have always been our guilty pleasure,” said Ben.

The pair will go down the aisle at the New County Hotel, in Southgate Street, on September 1 to the McFly hit No Worries.
Then their reception will see them enjoy their first dance to Heart Never Lies.

Ben, originally from Uley, and Emma, from Gloucester, met almost three years ago and have a son, Marley, who is 17 months old.
Ben proposed in true romantic fashion by taking Emma into the countryside.

He said: “I asked her if she could count how many hills there were so that she would turn around. Then I got down on one knee.
“It was very windy so it was quite memorable.
“Marley was crying too, so it perhaps wasn’t as romantic as I’d hoped but the main thing is that she said yes.”

The couple enjoyed their first McFly concert in Cardiff last week and are now gearing up to see them again at Kingsholm on June 13.
Ben tried his luck at getting a shout out from band member Tom Fletcher by tweeting the star – but to no avail so far.

“It would be great if he would give us a shout out when we go to the Kingsholm gig,” said Ben, who works in retail. “We are looking forward to seeing them in concert again.

“They are one of the best bands I have seen live.
“It’s amazing that they are coming to Gloucester because we will be able to walk home.”

The pair might also be hoping for a slightly older crowd.
Ben added: “At the gig in Cardiff we looked around and we must have been the oldest couple there who weren’t looking after children.
“But we like their music so that’s okay.”



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