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A friend from twitter did this post about some things that McFly’s team can change about the actual system of the meet and greets and I’m really up for what she say and I wanna help so please read this and don’t send hate to her as she’s only doing this to help McFly fans. And if you want to help contributing with some Ideas just send her an inbox HERE

Before a bunch of you start sending me hate mail about ‘how those of you who get to go to the M&Gs should be grateful for that much and not hate on it so much’ and how ‘hundreds of us would give anything to be there for just 5 minutes’, I and those who go to the M&Gs are grateful we have them, however because we are paying for them we want them to be the best they can be, as would you if you were paying for them, so this is what we are doing. If you feel reading this post is going to bring on hate then stop reading or deal with the consequences. Remember. You have a choice. I’m not forcing you to read this. Nobody is.

OK, so a repeat of last year happened at McFLY’s Meet and Greets. Some people got photos with all band members, more appear to have missed at least one of the guys. The current system doesn’t work. It needs to change.

Current system:

– Each McGuy in one corner of the room.

– Bunch of McFans let loose to corner and crowd the guys, fighting each other to get to them.

– 45 minute slots: 100 fans per slot.

Future system ideas:.

– Post office queue:Fans queue one by one by each McGuy so the ones who get there first get their turn first.

– Fewer fans per slot: This would also mean more slots possibly over more days.

– Longer slots:100 fans still, but more time.

– More M&Gs spread throughout the year: With some sort of system to make sure that people can only go to one slot. This would work well if put together with idea #2.

– Limitations on the fans: Limiton the amount of things you get signed, no video recording, one photo per guy guaranteed.

Lets remember it’s meant to be a ‘Meet and Greet’, NOT a signing. Thus suggesting we can have a quick, brief chat with McFLY. Perhaps about something you and a group of fans are dong for McFLY, or a fansite, or anything at all. But it’s quick. 5 minutes at most, including signing and a photo.

If everyone knows they will get a chance to meet the guys, we may see less of the frantic frenzy that currently rules the M&Gs. It will hopefully become more chilled, thus the guys and the fans will be less stressed about the whole thing.

If you have any suggestions or comments please post them into my ask or submit boxes.

I’ll give you guys till September 1st to come up with new ideas on how to improve the system, then I’ll run a vote, see which system you guys all prefer. Having done that I shall work out various ways of sharing our view with McFLY and their SC team.

We shall be heard. There shall be change. Galaxy Defenders cannot be ignored or satisfied with a simple ‘sorry’. We’ve heard it far too often, and not seen enough action.


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