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I couldn’t watch the Supercity webchat yesterday but thanks to our friends from mcflymetro here’s some info of what happened during it in case you missed it too. I warm you it contains some spoilers.

– Danny said that Luke Spiller from The Struts is his favourite frontman of any band he’s seen in the last ten years. I concur.

– He played some demos: intro to Red and a bit of Touch the Rain on his phone. Red sounds a lot more computerised on the demo but Touch The Rain sounds exactly as it does on tour. They are demoes though so that could radically change.

– Danny: “In terms of we’re gonna achieve it’s gonna sound how McFly have always wanted it to sound, sonically. And the songs that we’re writing at the minute are the best songs we’ve ever written. Nobody else has been involved, just the four of us and this is exactly what we wanted to do. We’ve not had any opinions on (the album). There’s a new beginning here for McFly and it’s very exciting. We believe in the new songs. It’s amazing that we can sit down in front of a computer and do it ourselves. We’ve waited ten years for this.”

– Danny’s favourite songs on tour are Touch The Rain and Red. And he loves Everybody Knows and where it goes into 5 Colours In Her Hair and Walk In The Sun. He says he didn’t want to do Walk In The Sun originally and the others persuaded him to do it. He was gonna cheat and do a strummy version instead.

– Dougie rounded it off (before the webstream stopped, although according to Super City, this was intentional, my fanny – cut off in the middle of Harry’s sentence and that’s intentional? right) by saying that the lads are GOING TO AMERICA IN SEPTEMBER TO PLAY SOME SHOWS!


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