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  1. Birthday boy Dougie Poynter drew the unlucky straw in this evening’s I’m A Celebrity 2011, having cockroaches, mealworms, snakes and spiders poured over his head in a battle to win stars.

    On arriving at the trial site Ant and Dec wished him happy birthday and asked if he was looking forward to the trial: “I knew they would make me do it as it was my birthday and because I was a naughty traitor”.

    The trial featured a huge clock face with six boxes marked out every two hours. Dougie had to lie on the clock face and put his face into the boxes, solve the puzzle inside and release the star. Inside each box was a different jungle critter and he had ten minutes to release all six stars.

    Giggling nervously, Dougie was turned to two o’clock, he put his head in among stick insects and released the star from a hoop using his teeth. At four o’clock, he put his head in with a load of snakes, wiggled the star around bends and released it. Two hours later on the clock, Dougie is smothered in fly pupae but got his third star.

    At eight o’clock, covered in slime, hundreds of meal worms and cockroaches poured over his head but Dougie managed to pull the string with his teeth and retrieve the next reward. At ten o’clock, rats were running around his head as he pulled down the fifth star. The last box was covered in huge spiders but Dougie pressed ahead and won the sixth and final star.

    Dec said: “You smashed it with three minutes still to go, you can go back with a peace offering!”

    Dougie said the first thing he’d have to do was have a wash. “I’ve gone four days without washing but the smell was so bad I’ll have to now wash.”

    He returned to camp happy and everyone’s spirits were lifted knowing there were six dinners.



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