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  1. It’s been a beautiful love affair but Dougie Poynter and Mark Wright have finally parted ways.

    The pair returned from Australia this afternoon, savouring their last moments together as they walked through Heathrow airport hand in hand. OK, they weren’t hand in hand, but they got the same flight and theyreally do love each other (we know because they said it around 117 times on the telly). Dougie was with his girlfriend Lara, who he called “the one” while in camp,makingMark look like a bit of a gooseberry.

    Dougie and Mark have already vowed to keep in touch, planning a series of ‘man dates’ like ice skating and shopping before Christmas.

    Dougie is still enjoying his jungle victory, telling everyone that it feels “stunning” to be a king and referring to everyone else as “peasants”. Mark has admitted that he wanted to win, but couldn’t have lost to a better person. How nice.

    It’s likely that the pair had foggy heads having caught a flight just a few hours after the I’m A Celebrity wrap party.

    But despite his flirtatious ways, it was Declan Donnelly who seemed to enjoy charming the ladies. He posted this picture of himself cuddling up with Emily Scott and Jessica Jane Clement yesterday, writing: “So come on, wrap party gossip??!” It was really boring…. ;-) D”

    And after someone commented that he looked like “a pervy old man in that pic, all sweaty and red in the face”, Dec replied: “Oi! Less of the old! D”.

    Dec then posed with fellow presenter Laura Whitmore, looking less chuffed by her covered up state, but equally red faced in the photo.

    Laura continued to tweet pictures of herself with Ant McPartlin and Dougie Poynter at the boozy bash, which was the final opportunity for all of the celebrities and crew to hang out before everyone headed back to the UK.


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