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I’m soo proud of our little boy, he has been through a lot and he get through it! <33

  1. Dougie and Mark have been enjoying a bromance in the celebrity jungle, and the pair became closer than ever when McFly singer Dougie poured his heart out to his new BFF.

    The pair were talking about relationships, and Mark admitted that he was jealous of Dougie for having found The One. The TOWIE heartthrob said:

    “I’m looking forward to the day I meet the girl I’m gonna be with for the rest of my life. I’m happy for you because some people take years to find that.

    “I found a girl I loved with all my heart and we just didn’t get on, but I couldn’t break away because I loved her too much.”

    Speaking in the Bush telegraph later, Dougie said: “I feel close enough with Mark that I can share some things about my past and he’s not gonna judge me in any way, shape or form.”

    Dougie then went on to tell Mark about his past relationships and his time spent in rehab for alcohol problems and depression. He revealed:

    “I just wasn’t being myself at all and I just felt like this empty shell. It just got to a point where it [drinking] was not fun at all and I just couldn’t stop. The pressure depressed me for years of my life

    “I loved isolating, just being by myself. I wasn’t coping in my own skin anymore and we [me and my ex] weren’t really happy and I saw this bloke and he sent me to rehab.

    “It was hard, really hard, but it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever did.

    Mark was touched that Dougie had chosen to confide in him and told his pal: “I’m proud of you, I really am.”




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