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The lovely Kel from mcflymetro wrote yesterday a great post on her personal site to all of the McFly fans who want to meet the boys but never got luck. After reading this post i’m sure it would be more easy for you to meet McFly.

Ok, so I made a remark on my McFly fansite twitter @McFlyMetro about people not meeting their favourite band because they don’t make the effort to ask for help.

I had quite a few girls asking how you meet McFly so I decided to make a blog about it,. But one that you could use to meet other celebrities.

This will not automatically apply to every star out there and it will not guarantee that you will meet them. The advice I’m giving is mainly for UK fans however you can use it to try and meet people in your own countries. Stuff might be done differently where you live, it’s up to you to find things out. And sadly some celebrities, just won’t meet fans because they’re too stuck up. I hope this isn’t the case with the person/people you’re trying to meet but it happens. So whoever it is, don’t get your hopes up too high. That’s probably the best piece of advice I can give you. Because even if you meet them, even if they’re just having a bad day, your idol might be a complete dick. I’ve met McFly when they’ve been the loveliest dudes in the universe and I’ve met them when they’re ill, tired and slightly moronic.

This will require effort on your part so if you’re not the type to put in work then you may as well stop reading.

You will be required to travel certain distances. The band won’t pop to your local chippy. You may be required to get trains and coaches by yourself. It will cost money, time and patience. You may have to book time off work. If you’re not willing to do that, then you don’t deserve to meet the band, end of story. Unless you’re some sort of carer or disabled or something of that sort, or too young to travel by yourself, there isn’t really a reason to not meet them.

Do Your Research

Keep up to date with what the band are doing. Follow their twitters, plus you could also make a twitter list of their managers, backing singers, make up lady etc. Keep an eye on their website diary. These will provide information for if they’re on radio shows or television shows, although sometimes they’re not always kept very up-to-date so find a good few fansites on twitter to follow as they will post information about appearances also.

To make a twitter ‘list’ go to the top right corner and click the little cog sign. Go to ‘lists’ and then click ‘create lists’. Name it and save it and then begin adding twitter usernames of the people you want to keep track of. Unless their accounts are private, you don’t even need to be following them to add them to your list.

Follow celebrity tracking twitters such as @markmeets and @mediaeyetweets. They combine information from all other sources and are kept more up-to-date than official websites might be. They post information related to gigs, signings, VIP events, premieres and TV appearances.

Find out where the places are. Whether they’re stations, stores, hotels etc. You can check the following sites for a list of studio locations in an around London.


They also give a list of film premieres, but you’ll have to check the twitters on the day for information on who will be there if you’re expecting someone who isn’t in the film.

For everywhere else, either google maps or check if the venue has an official website with an address. Google is your friend.

For things like hotels you really need to befriend the other fans on this. They vary widely between celebrities and even the same person may not stay in the same hotel per city every time. Some fans disagree with meeting celebrities at their hotels because it’s ‘down time’ for them. This is up to you to decide. But if they’re too important meet fans at venues, then it’s to be expected I guess.

Some bands will meet fans at venues, whether it’s through a gate or by the tourbus. Some bands (McFly) won’t, unless you’ve won a meet ‘n’ greet via a competition or somebody you know at the venue. Certain artists (or their labels) offer meet ‘n’ greets at a price alongside normal tickets but that depends on how much you’re willing to pay and they are usually extortionate. And none of them are any more special than meeting said artist outside a radio station. So unless you’re desperate, save your money.

Search the band in Twitter search. You’ll be surprised how much information you can find this way. If someone’s spotted them they may instagram a photo or TV programs will often say ‘coming up on Wednesday’s show’. Although be careful to cross-referance information because some shows are pre-recorded. There’s nothing worse than showing up outside a TV studio when the band were there two days before. A good fansite will post information about this.

Sometimes chances come up to be in the audience for certain TV programs. Generally this is usually only open to people that are 18+ and 99% of the shows are in London. You can apply via http://www.applausestore.com/home.php or www.sroaudiences.com Apply as soon as you can because places are limited, depending on the popularity of the band or show. You will receive confirmation of your place via email. Follow the instructions carefully and bring ID and an email printout with you. When the show has finished, if you hang about the studio afterwards and the band don’t have to rush off, you may be able to meet them.

So you’ve done your research and you’re at the venue and you’ve seen the band enter the building, what do you do?

Wait. That’s all you can do. Bring some fellow fans (if you know any), pop some music on and chill out. Have a brolly to hand. All weather conditions are guaranteed. And food and drink are useful to have because you can be there for half a day sometimes waiting. You don’t want to disappear for a McDonalds and then miss the band.

And when the band appear?

Don’t scream, cry, push, faint. It’s hard to stay calm. But try! Don’t let the other fans push you around because you need to be a little bit forceful to get your picture. Nice but firm is the way. If you’re too nice, other fans will take advantage. But don’t be a dick otherwise you get a reputation and people will go out of their way to be a dick back. You ruin their fun, they’ll ruin your’s.

Don’t be a hogger. Don’t ask them to sign a million CDs, your T-shirt, your boobs, speak to your friend down the phone, record a video for your other friend, speak to your mum down the phone, have three pictures… Time’s short. And you’re not the only fan there. Unless you are the only fan there. In which case hog as much as you like. But otherwise, a photo and ONE autograph and then get out of the way.  If there’s time, you can always go back for a chat. Hell hath no fury like a fan who didn’t get a picture with the bassist because you were getting twenty pictures with him.

And afterwards?

Cry down the phone to your mum, nan or best mate. Upload the photos to facebook, twitter, flickr. But try not to go on about it. Remember, there are people who haven’t met the band. Maybe can’t meet the band because they live in Nowhereland. It annoyed you when other fans bragged and you hadn’t met them. So don’t be a douchebag yourself.

Good luck with meeting McFly (or whoever it is you’re trying to meet). Hope you’ve find this information useful. It’d be great if you share whatever you find out with other fans. The only reason I know all this is because fans told me this stuff and if I kept it secret, that’d be mean. And Taylor Swift would write a song about me on her next album. Possibly.



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