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  1. The Sun meets the pop pin-ups who have gone prime time

    THEY were the fresh-faced teenagers who burst on to the pop scene in 2004.

    Now, 18 consecutive Top 20 singles, ten albums and hundreds of thousands of screaming girl fans later, McFly have conquered our TVs too.

    Dougie Poynter won I’m A Celebrity and twinkle toes Harry Judd is in tomorrow’s semi-final of Strictly.

    Their new fame followed Danny Jones’s appearance on Popstar To Operastar and Tom Fletcher’s stint in gameshow, The Cube.

    The lads, whose most recent single, That’s The Truth, came out last March, have announced a 26-date tour, kicking off in March next year.

    Here they talk about their transition from pop to prime time…

    BASSIST Dougie Poynter was crowned this year’s King Of The Jungle last weekend at the end of the 11th series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

    The 24-year-old, who is dating artist Lara Carew-Jones, says: “Since leaving the jungle I’ve been eating non-stop.

    “The first night I was out, my girlfriend brought me a massive calzone pizza and a brownie and that opened the floodgates. I haven’t been able to stop eating since. The whole experience was seriously one of the best times in my life.

    “I wish everyone could do it. It is hard when you’re there and all you want to do is get out. But once you’re out, all you want to do is go back.

    “One of the reasons I’m so ridiculously stoked is because it’s been an absolute 180-degree turnaround from where I was a year ago. The two couldn’t be further apart.”

    In March this year Dougie spent a month in rehab after having a “tough time” following his split with The Saturdays’ singer Frankie Sandford.

    He recalls: “I went into rehab after a long time having issues with myself.

    “One thing led to another and all of a sudden I was in there.

    “It was either that or God knows what would have happened. It was solely the best thing I’ve ever done, it completely and utterly saved my life. I’m all hunky dory now.

    “When I came out I was a bit confused as to the way I was going to be living my life from then on, but I guess I got lucky.

    “After a few months I started seeing changes, my relationships with family and friends, and life in general, got better.”

    Philosophically, Dougie adds: “Everything happens for a reason — I believe if you hadn’t done that it wouldn’t have led to that and that. I would never have met Lara.”

    He met the Essex artist through bandmate Harry — and while on I’m A Celeb said: “I think I’m gonna marry her.”

    Dougie adds: “She wasn’t worried I would meet anyone in the jungle, not in the slightest.”

    Asked what he would be doing aged 30, Dougie quips: “Hopefully I won’t be dead! My mum says she’s going to lock me up so I don’t accidentally join the 27 Club — where the celebs seem to die at 27.

    “I’d like to be married and have kids by then. All four of us have always been like that. We’ve had our moments — but we like our home comforts.

    “I’m looking forward to getting back to what I was doing before. Before I went in the jungle I was writing more McFly stuff.

    “It’s sounding amazing. Me, Danny and Tom went to Wales on a writing trip and came up with some amazing songs.

    “It’s the most organic stuff we’ve ever done. It sounds 100 per cent how you would expect. It’s going to be different but not a complete shock.

    “Elements of one song are very U2-like, real stadium, epic guitars. One song is absolutely nuts.

    “There are always other things going on too. Tom and I write kids’ books — we’ve never had anything published, we just mess around.

    “You can get away with ridiculous stories and poo jokes because it’s for kids.

    “Tom’s also an amazing illustrator, he’s the most talented dude in the world.”

    HARRY JUDD, 25, has quick-stepped to the semi-final of Strictly Come Dancing.

    He lives with girlfriend Izzy Johnston, 26, a violinist with Britain’s Got Talent’s Escala, and their two cats.

    He says: “I can’t believe I’ve managed to get this far on Strictly, it’s insane really.

    “The most surprising thing is I’ve really enjoyed some of the performances. I thought that with the amount of people who watch it, it would be impossible, too terrifying.

    “If McFly have a big gig, an intense gig, I’m so glad I’m the drummer because I don’t have to be out front.

    “I think it did take guts to do Strictly. That’s why I was really nervous when I was asked. I didn’t know if I could handle that pressure of the live shows. I thought I would just buckle.

    “There have been a couple of moments in a couple of dances when I’ve been really nervous, but you get through it and I’m pleased about that.

    “I just practise and practise so I know what I’m doing and you try to stay calm and just do it.

    “My lowest moment was the samba. It’s all sexy hip action and that’s just not me. I felt silly and I was glad when it was over.”

    He features with dance partner Aliona Vilani, 27, on the hit BBC1 dance show.

    Of their chances as one of just five couples remaining, Harry says: “Any one of us could win it now. I’ve got a one in five chance and that’s pretty cool.

    “Izzy has been so supportive — without her I would have struggled to get through. She keeps me going when I’m tired.

    “A friend asked if I was going to carry on dancing and I said I didn’t know if I would have time. But Izzy said, ‘Oh I’d love to start, we should go to lessons together.’

    “I’m not obsessive about how I look but when you get into working out, it becomes like a sport and you want to be the best.

    “I have got smaller since being on Strictly because I’ve been burning so many calories. I’ve tried to go to the gym a bit so I don’t disappear.

    “The six-pack is still there, I’ll stay on top of that.”

    Harry reveals he has “never ever” thought of himself as sexy.

    “I thought everyone would fancy Dan Lobb and Robbie Savage this year,” he adds.

    “You do kind of get used to the attention from McFly but you never really let yourself believe it’s real. The difference now is I’ve had more people saying their mums like me!

    “We don’t take it for granted at all, we love the fans and the attention but we don’t let it get to us.

    “If you let that happen, that’s when people change. We’ve stayed the same four guys we were from day one.

    “A lot of people get famous and start going to all the celebrity hotspots but that’s not really us. We have had crazy times but we’ve kept those out of the public eye.”

    Of his Strictly outfits, Harry says: “I think the band quite like them but they know I’m not going to wear them on tour — that’s just for Strictly.

    “When you’re rehearsing in your tracksuit bottoms, it doesn’t look as good. When you put the outfit on it gets you in the mood to perform.”

    GUITARIST and singer Danny Jones, 25, has been turning his hand to producing in the band’s time off.

    While frontman Tom Fletcher, 26, has been glued to reality TV – with his two bandmates and future brother-in-law all featuring in shows.

    Danny, who is dating former model and 2007 Miss England Georgie Horsley, says: “My phone bill is going to be huge – I must have voted for the McFly boys hundreds of times.

    “Dougie was amazing in the jungle. It’s great that people got to see the sweet guy I know. And I had no idea Harry could dance like that. He’s really, really good.

    “In our time off I’ve been DJing and getting into producing. I really want to produce the next McFly album. The demos feel really true to ourselves.”

    Tom, who is engaged to childhood sweetheart Giovanna Falcone, 26, says: “I’ve been busy watching reality TV shows. I’ve had Harry and Dougie, and my soon-to-be brother-in-law is Mario Falcone on The Only Way Is Essex. I think I could spend three weeks hanging out in the jungle eating kangaroo penis.

    “And I had no idea Harry was such a great dancer. He’s brilliant. I keep winding up my fiancée, saying I’m going to do Wife Swap.

    “We’re halfway through wedding plans. I’ve got three best men. I couldn’t choose between them. It could prove a disaster. I’m not sure who I’m going to trust with the rings.”



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