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  1. Er, well last night’s episode of Celeb was pretty bloody amazing, don’t you think? After nearly three weeks, we finally got a night almost entirely dedicated to Dougie Poynter. Hallelujah! The camp was still a bit frosty after the arguments of the night before, but not even Willie Carson could stay angry after a Dougie hug.

    Good news, seeing as it was DOUGIE’S BIRTHDAY! *pulls party popper* And how did they reward him? By making him do a trial. Gee guys, how kind. He was clearly worried, saying “If I come back with no stars, it’s gonna be the worst birthday ever” and did you SEE the little sad-faced shrug he did as he left camp? Bless. He clearly knows his way around a massive clock (hee hee) though, as he managed all six stars.

    We’ve been very patient while Dougie did his “own separate challenge, trying not to wash properly” (okay, we haven’t been patient at all) and we were finally rewarded last night, thanks to a load of fly gunk. Those Ozzy bugs sure know how to make fit celebs get their kit off. We think the boys were talking by the pool, but all we could focus on was DOUGIE’S TORSO! And breathe. And breathe. McFly really have got some spectacular abs…

    As if the episode couldn’t get any better, they only went and plonked Peter ‘Insania’ Andre in camp. We knew Pete’s day in the jungle would be one to watch, but what we didn’t expect, was Crissy and Fatima’s reaction. They had a total fan girl moment, giggling and saying “I’ve died and gone to heaven,” “He’s a dream man, isn’t he?”

    The boys seemed in total shock at their tongue-lolling (Emily Scott, bikini, hypocrite much, Mark?) with Dougie laughing that he thought they “were gonna start humping his leg at some point!” Of course, they couldn’t let Pete leave the jungle without making a bit of music first though and Dougie did a sterling job. McFly and Peter Andre for Christmas number one anyone?



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