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In a recent interview Harry talked about McFly’s new album and his preparation to the London Marathon. Read below what he said about the new mcfly album and if you wanna read the rest of the interview, read it HERE

How’s your own new stuff coming along?
We’re busy writing. We had meetings last week planning how we’re gonna record our next album, how many songs we need to write, what’s the sound… When the band itself is making all the decisions, you have endless boundaries. It’s quite hard sometimes to go ‘Yeah that’s the single’ because we might have 30 great songs, and one’s at one end of the spectrum and one’s at the other end. Which one do we choose? Both are awesome, but if you release one it’s ‘McFly are going down this route…’! It’s really hard to know where you want to be. So the process we’re going through is looking at ourselves as a band and knowing what we ourselves are happy with. We’ll hopefully record soon after the tour.

Bet your fans will be excited for that news.
Tom summed it up once… there are loads of successful bands out there, and we’re still around and we’re still going, we’ve been going for 10 years. We may not have the most fans in the world but we genuinely feel like we have the best fans. An unexplainable connection. That’s what keeps us going.


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