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Punk-pop boy band Mcfly have embarked on an 21-date tour with their greatest hits album, Memory Lane, playing to sell out venues across the UK. Nine albums in, Dougie, Tom, Danny and Harry have been busy lads since their conception ten years ago and with a 10th album release scheduled for summer 2013.

McFly epitomises what a typical boy band should be – in my opinion, anyway. Four guys who all play instruments, write pretty much their own songs and have a massive female following. With such a diverse age range of fan, the influence McFly have on their audience is vast. Catchy, jangly, poppy tunes melt into your brain and you end up singing their array of songs and you don’t even realise.

No wonder that they can sell out an entire 21 date tour.

The evening was compered quite smartly by ‘Mr Antastic’ and supported by The Vamps. The four-piece indie pop youngsters took the audience but storm, belting out many crowd pleasers. They controlled the audience well and even slithered in a 1D cover which was a great success.

As the crowd noticed some form of twitching behind the curtain and the lights dimmed, the noise was absolutely deafening. The curtain dropped to reveal a fantastically designed, 1950s cinema-style set and McFly kick-started their night with an accapella of Memory Lane.

The band’s energy bounded with their usual bouncing and jumping around as they hit their repertoire of greatest hits. Such is the liveliness of their show you can’t help but instantly warm to them. Songs included Star Girl, Obviously, Lies and were later followed by an encore ending with chart-topper All About You.

The show was well thought-out and very entertaining. It’s great to see four guys just having a good time on stage, enjoying a performance which is going down a storm.



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