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I added to the gallery tons of pics of Dougie and the rest of the McFly boys from different events/performances.Some of them were already on the gallery but tagged, now I added them untagged and in HQ.

[x7]Live Performances > 2010 > Rock FM Live Concert, Blackpool – August 15

mcfly rock fm concertdougie poynter rock fm concertdougie mcfly rock fmdougie poynter mcfly rock fm concert

[x17]Live Performances > 2006 > McFly Perform At G.A.Y., London – July 22

mcfly at GAYdougie mcfly at gaydougie poynter at GAY

[x4]Live Performances > 2004 > Summer XS At The Madejski Stadium, Reading – June 13

mcfly summer xs concertdougie mcfly readingmcfly readingdougie poynter summer xs concert

[x2]Live Performances > 2004 > Summer XS Concert , Milton Keynes Bowl – June 20

[x4]Live Performances > 2004 > Big Gay Out Festival, Finsbury Park – July 3

mcfly 2004dougie poynter 2004

[x10]Events And Appearances > 2010 > Freedom Festival, Hull – September 11

mcfly australiadougie mcfly australiamcfly freedom festivaldougie poynter freedom festival

[x4]Events And Appearances > 2004 > Pop City Live At The Ocean NightClub, London – November 14

McFly pop city livedougie mcfly pop city livedougie poynter mcfly pop city live

[x3]Events And Appearances > 2004 > Disney Kids Awards At The Royal Albert Hall – September 16

mcfly disney kids awardsmcfly disney awardsdougie mcfly disney awards

[x4]Events And Appearances > 2004 > Summer XS Backstage At The Madejski Stadium, Reading – June 13

mcfly summer xs concertmcfly 2004dougie mcfly summer xs 2004

[x2]Events And Appearances > 2004 > Xmas XS Concert, Nottingham – December 6

mcfly xmas xs concertdougie mcfly xmas xs concert

[x2]Events And Appearances > 2005 > Brit Awards Nomenee Launch Party – January 10

mcfly brit launch partymcfly brit awards launch party

[x2]Events And Appearances > 2005 > Brit Awards Afterparty – February 9

mcfly brit awards afterpartydougie mcfly brit awards afterparty

[x5] Events And Appearances > 2006 > Superman Returns UK Premiere, London – July 13

McFly superman returns premieremcfly superman premieredougie mcfly superman returns premieredougie poynter superman returns premiere

[x4]Events And Appearances > 2006 > “Just My Luck” London Charity Premiere – June 28

McFly just my luck uk premieremcfly just my luck london premieredougie mcfly just my luck london premieredougie poynter just my luck london premiere

[x2]Events And Appearances > 2008 > Turning On Regent Street Lights – November 6

mcfly turning on regent street lightsdougie poynter turns on regent street lights


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