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Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter set tongues a’wagging last night when they turned up together for the Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks NBA game at London’s O2 Arena.

HOWEVAH, they did no tongue wagging of their own – despite being shown on the infamous ‘Kiss Cam’ during half-time at the basketball match. Or game. We’re not sure what the correct term is. Also we don’t care.

For those who haven’t watched enough Hollywood movies (shame on you), Kiss Cam selects random audience members and shows them on the big screen – at which point the couple are supposed to pucker up and smooch for the crowd.

Ellie and Dougie, however, did no such thing – instead choosing to look a bit flustered and embarrassed, probably due to the fact that they haven’t even confirmed they are dating yet, let alone had a snog in public.

To be honest we’re quite glad they didn’t lock lips – our hearts probably would have shattered into a million pieces what with Dougie being our future husband and all.

Ellie later apologised for not getting smoochy, tweeting: “Apparently big faux pas to not kiss on kisscam @NBA sorry!! Ha next time!”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that next time she’s sitting next to a cat or something, and not someone we’d really quite like to snog ourselves.

What do you make of all this?



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